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Baby Dedication Song


The Baby Song ( Baby Dedication Song ) is a prayer of a mother's heart. Thousands upon thousands have ordered this song from all over the world and used it for special occasions. People use it for their Baby Dedication, Christening, or Baptism. They also play it during quiet times alone with their little one.

You can order our Sing Track to sing it yourself on your special day or you can order the personalized baby song if you just want to play it at your special occasion.

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Baby Dedication Song Lyrics

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Little hands, may they reach
to help the hurting
Little eyes, may they see
only the good in all
Little heart, may it beat
for Your will and no other
Little ears, may they hear
the still small voice of the Lord

Lord keep Your hands upon our little ______
love and guide him/her, Jesus walk beside him/her
Lord keep Your hands upon our little baby
Our precious gift from above.

Little feet, may they walk
on the straight and narrow path
Little mouth, may it proclaim,
the goodness of the Lord (to chorus)

And when he's grown, and we are gone,
we pray Your name he carries on
And by Your will, Oh Lord let it be
that he'll live with us for eternity.

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Baby Dedication Song

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